Prayer to restore our marriage and love

by Palwasha (QLD)

I pray for our marriage and love to be restored. We have just recently married, and are overwhelmed with arguments and fights. My husband wishes to just give up and thinks marriage is too difficult. I am doing everything I can to save our marriage but feel helpless and devastated, and the sadness is consuming me. i pray for a miracle from God to heal both our hearts and our lives and remove all past hurt and misunderstandings. I pray to God to give us back the love, respect and understanding we shared, and strengthen our marriage, and keep us living together united as a happily married couple. I pray to God to protect us from the evil eye, and from the evil designs of any third party, or any external circumstances that might tear us apart. God united two people together in love and marriage, and would not want them to be torn apart in divorce. God says Ask, and i shall give you and has promised us the desires of our heart. I pray to God in the name of all that is good, and in the name of anything I have ever done that has pleased Him, to fulfill my dream and make this marriage be the wonderful marriage I always wished to have and make me a source of happiness and comfort for my husband and make him a source of happiness and security for me.

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