Prayer to Restore our friendship and our loving relationship

(Swanton, Ohio)

I pray for the restoration of a beloved friendship and loving relationship. I have hurt my friend and love deeply in ways I yet don’t fully understand, and she is remaining silent and won’t communicate with me. I pray for the lines of communication to reopen, and that I possess the wisdom to know when to remain silent and give her space in this and when to reach out to show her my desire for reconciliation or just my love, friendship, and support.

I pray for an opportunity to make amends for any pain I have caused her. I pray for a full restoration of our friendship and her love for me, that she lay down her anger, hurt, and unforgiveness towards me. I pray her heart softens towards me once more, that the Lord comfort her and me and heal us both, and that He close the mouths of the Enemy’s forces from robbing her of my friendship, support, and love.

I pray against the anxiety and depression and self-worthlessness that besets her, that these foes be silenced by the Word of God once and for all. I pray His will be manifest in her life and mine, that He grant the desires of our hearts.