Prayer to Restore our Faith and Family

by Kristen (New York)

Please Lord grant our family the unity it once was. I pray to you to help my husband see our family wants him and loves him. We want to work out all obstacles and fix our family and bring it together.

Please help him remove the people and places that have interfered with his commitment to family and his friendships. Please allow him to walk away from any toxic relationships that have brought harm to his relationships. Please Lord, help him find the man he was before he let himself be taken down a path of pain and fantasy. Allow him the space to step away and see our children want their family under one roof.

Let him see we will open our arms to him and help him be the husband, father, son, brother and friend he once was. I pray to you Lord for you guidance and help during this painful time, and help him to give our marriage and family a chance
I pray to you, Amen

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