Prayer to Restore My Self-Respect

I pray that St. Jude will stand beside my brother and I, as our company is under the scrutiny of the Federal Government, for accusations of fraud and wrongdoing….that are unfounded. I know deep in my heart, we do good for others. Our employees are like our extended family.

We have tried to do the very best that we possibly can in running an honest business. But sometimes, a disgruntled employee can come and make accusations that will ultimately affect the lives of others.

Please St. Jude, come to our assistance. Let the authorities find no wrongdoing in our business. Let them see the good that we do for others, and cease this investigation. Bring peace and normalcy back to the lives of my family, my brothers family, and the let the worries of our employees cease. Let our business, that we have worked so many long and hard hours, days, months and years for, continue to flourish and grow, doing what we do best…taking care of others.

Let our employees know that we would do anything for them, and we will continue on with our mission to take care of those people that mean the most to us.

St. Jude, I cry every single day over the magnitude of how the authorities came and stormed our business. Not tears of fear, but tears of anguish…that an employee that I cared for and respected, would turn their backs on us in an attempt to betray us. Please aid me on my journey as I try to forgive their actions, rather than wish them ill harm.

I know deep in my heart, the person that I AM…and NO ONE can ever take that away from me.

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