prayer to restore my relationship Jesus and St. Jude

by Ismael (USA)

During my time alone, I have sat down and thought about my actions and how they hurt my beloved girlfriend. I am ashamed of my sins and I have learned from them. The breakup was the greatest thing that ever happened to us, because it helped me open my eyes, realize, grow, and turn to Jesus for help.

I have continued to pursue my journey no matter how many obstacles and walls I faced. Satan fills my head with fear, temptation and lies in an attempt to stop me. I am not afraid. I trust in God and I will not let Satan corrupt my trust in God. I believe in God and God believes in me. I forgive those who have hurt me. I thank God for helping me get this far, but now all seems hopeless. I pray for a miracle.

I have worked so hard and willingly took the hits. I have made it this far and I still believe. Help me St. Jude. I promise to thank you and Jesus and to always remember this great favor. I praise Jesus!