Prayer to restore my relationship and get out depression

by Billi (Omaha, NE USA)

Dear Jesus,

You know that I suffer from depression and that when I get hurt I lash out instead of appropriately communicating my feelings. You know that happened with Mark this weekend. You know that he has left me. He told me that he doesn’t want to see me anymore and that he has closed the door.

I went to him Lord, I felt his heart when he held me when I cried. He told me it didn’t change anything Lord, “that is just the way he is.”
Lord he has treated me better than any man has ever treated me. He is a good man. A wonderful father and a Christian. He is stubborn. Please allow him to forgive me for my harsh words. Please open his heart and mind and repair what we have. We had way more good in our relationship than bad and he has helped me grow as a person. Please repair his heart and mine and by the power of the Holy Spirit surround him by people who are Christian and will give him advice of giving me a second chance. Please open his heart to not be as he was in the past, to open up a new chapter with me so we can continue to grow and build a life together.

I love you Lord Jesus. Please help me.