Prayer to restore my mental health, stress, sudden health scares

by S.N. (Tennessee)

God, please help me to be less angry and less stressed. Please help me to find peace, please give me the strength to rise above the stress, anxiety, anger and depression. Please also take away whatever ailments I have that is causingwhat I believe are lymph nodes swelling in my lower abdomen and armpit.

Please Lord take away whatever is causing it and let me be healed mentally and physically. I am only 27 and I want to be with my son and husband as long as possible. Please show me how to live a better, healthier life to be a good example for my family. Please look over us all and lead us the right direction.

Thank you for everything you do for us Lord, for without you there would be nothing. Thank you for letting us have another beautiful day together, please let us have another day together tomorrow. Amen

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