Prayer to Restore my marriage and wandering spouse

by Mari (Bell Gardens)

Dear Lord,

Although I am not worthy to ask anything of you, I know that your unconditional love will help guide me through this time of despair. I beg of you to take mercy on me and help restore my marriage to what it once was. If with my anger and bad character I pushed my husband away, please help me bring him and his love back through my love and devotion to him and you.

Please stop his wandering eyes and heart and help him love me as he once did. I ask you to help me be a better wife and person to him so that he forgives all of my offenses. If he is truly cheating, I beg of you my lord to help guide his heart, mind and steps back to me and the sanctity of our marriage.

I give myself, my husband and all out troubles to you my lord to do with as you see fit.