Prayer to Restore my marriage and faith in my husband

by Dani (WI)

My husband and friend of 11 years recently started an affair with my friend, that I work with, and decided to leave me. The affair was going on for two weeks until he told me he was leaving me, all the while they both acted as if nothing was going on. I feel humiliated.

With in 3 weeks he got an apartment and moved out and now after 2 months and 3 weeks they claim to be in love and plan on living together after they are both divorced. She is also married with two boys 4 and 5, I have two girls 7 and 21 months. She is a serial cheater and my husband even know this this.

I pray daily, even hourly that God guides my husband back towards the light and away from her. She will destroy him and I will not have her around my children. I pray that God fill his heart with forgiveness for me and whatever I did that made him want to leave, that ability to see how badly this I affecting me and the Girls, and help him see the love and marriage we have is not worth throwing away without trying.

I pray the power of love and family prevail over this affair and lust and he come home to me and our Girls.