prayer to restore my family and my relationship

by Tia (Georgia)

Dear My Heavenly Father,

Lord I come to you today with a open mind, a broken heart, and a better sprit I ask that you open my lover eyes and help him to understand how important he is to me and my son.

Lord I know I don’t have the best attitude and I’m more then willing to work on that with no problem, I ask that you bring him back to me and my son I know I’ve made some bad decisions and said some very hurtful things and my actions have not always been the best, I’m willing to work on me to give us a better understanding.

Lord you brought me a good man after all the trials and tribulations I had went threw and I was so focused on what I didn’t have and forgot to appreciate what you had already blessed me with a healthy son and a even better father figure for him, I forgot to appreciate and I let my attitude get the best of me sometimes but I know I’m better then that.

I know where there’s a will there’s a way. I just ask that you bring us closer so we can become a family again, become better parents, and better to each other, Lord I love the man you placed and my life and I thank you for him I was selfish plenty of times. I ask you to restore our relationship so we can move forward together as 1.

In Jesus name I pray amen