Prayer to Restore my faith

Heavenly father,

i bow my head to you. in times of despair, i have learned that there is no greater comforter than you.

my boyfriend left, and he said it is because he felt we were incompatible. it is seven months now that he left, and he constantly tells me that he loves me, but he believes we cannot make it work because we are incompatible. Heavenly father, i believe you made our paths cross, and you gave us this much love, and it is based on this love that i pray to make us realise that differences can be overcome.

heavenly father, he recently told me that he met someone else, and has since stopped talking to me. i love him very much, and as much as that is the case, i can only pray that you protect him, keep him happy and bless him all the way. if it is your will that we one day end up together, please i pray for patience, and i pray that jealousy does not take over me, and i pray that temptations will not come my way, and that i have peace and happiness in my heart.

if it is your will that we dont, heavenly father i pray for courage to move on, courage to trust again, and courage to treasure the moments and use them as lessons for my future relationships.

i know dear lord that all your plans are for our own good, i pray that you make us all realise that, and that you comfort us and lead us not into depression.

St Jude, i am praying for a miracle to have my relationship restored. please pray for me, and for all those going through the same thing. heal us, and give us strength to continue smiling and loving our fellow human beings despite our situations.

in the name of Jesus Christ i pray


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  1. I believe in you

    That was beautiful … I respect your words and honesty. God deftly heard that prayer … I’ve once been in your shoes and its very hard to refrain from becoming bitter. We are only humans. GOD BLESS YOU PRINCESS. And May our Heavenly Father bless you with an overflow of happiness and love … And I pray he protects your heart from harm and sadness. I love you sister in Christ !!!

  2. Thank you

    I read your prayer and it is my now and future, i try to pray but the words dont come. I find myself asking for help “please God help me”. Your prayer is the prayer i will use. Thank you.

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