Prayer to Restore my Broken Relationship

by Britni (California)

Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for everything that you have given me and for all of the lessons you have taught me. I pray now that you help me restore my broken relationship with the person I love. I pray that you fill both of our hearts with love and hope and faith in each other.

I thank you for bringing him into my life and I know this love in my heart is real and that we are meant to be together. I ask that you give us a second chance at our relationship and to not let us stray from you and from the things that are truly important. I pray that you heal both of our hearts and bring us back together so that we may be stronger than ever in our relationship and that we may live to glorify you.

Please fill my heart and his heart with peace and let us always remember how sacred love is and to hold on to it no matter what.