Prayer to restore love and intimacy in our marriage

My husband and I have been married for 34 years. In this marriage my husband has cheated and had many children with different women. At some point I felt very lonely and abandoned by my husband that I sinned a d affairs with 2 men for a short time.

The idea of cheating on my husband disgusted me so much that I stopped the affairs and vowed never to do that again. My husband’s continued affairs were so painful to me that I decided to leave the country and take a break from all the pain. However about 2 years ago my husband came to live with me. I forgave him and confessed that I cheated on him.

Now the problem is he says he doesn’t have the love he had for me before and he has no desire to be intimate with me. We are now like brother and sister in bed. He does not want to kiss me anymore. I need a prayer to restore the love in my marriage. Please help to pray for this. Thank you