Prayer to Restore life to me

by Jessica (San Antonio, Texas)

Dear lord, I become before you in full hearted truth. I pray to you, to help me with the relationship of the man that I have only truly loved. Please absolve all the selfish & childish things I’ve done in the past. Help me repent & ask for forgiveness for my sins.

Help me fill this void that I feel I will always have without him. He is my whole, my completeness in life, he is what makes me a fuller better person. For every woman there is one man, he is The man. He is the one.

Years ago I asked begged pleaded to you as I lied on the ground in tears for you to save my life in my darkest hour. I was lost. Meeting him was the answer to my prayer, my peace. He has been with me through the most trying times. Please forgive me for ever doubting your will & being too afraid to believe you answered my prayer with such an incredible man.

It was at your will that you brought us together & I ask that you please bless us & help us find our way back to one another’s hearts. I ask that you help give us strength to see our true worth in one self & for one another. I ask you to help me with my selfish ways, help me to be his strength in times of weakness, strength to hold him up, the strength to heal his heart & help him feel whole again. I seek your blessing in our relationship that nor far & away that nothing will keep us apart. Please I ask that he sees my true character & beliefs, that without him I am fully lost. I I seek your blessing of patience & protection from temptation or evils that may fall upon our paths. I pray to you lord to answer my prayers for his successful career & family. I please ask that he sees my full potential, & the truthfulness of love I have for him. Please god, please, I ask that you guide him towards a better path in life. Bless his family of the fruitfulness of your love & Your power of protection with every step. Keep him safe, healthy, wherever he may go. Please hear my prayer so that he may always have your protection.

I ask that you bless us again, at your will, to one day have my best friend back & be in each other’s arms, forever. Lord please don’t take take one of the few things in my life that I know is absolute, it was only the beginning. If love finds him again, I swear to you lord, I will hang on for my dear life & never question letting go.

I speak these words to you in prayer every night in full truth. It will be my reminder of what devotion I have to you, the love & the faith I have.
Lord thank you for hearing my prayer.


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