Prayer to Restore Husband & Marriage

by Chanel (Harvest, AL, USA)

I ask for prayer for my husband Terry McBride to stop the adulterous lifestyle he is having with a woman named Carmelita Bradford and complete restoration of our marriage. I found out about adultery recently but it had been going on for several years. When confronted he told me he would end it but never did.

I hate divorce just like God my Father hates divorce. I am willing to take him back but he must sincerely repent/change and allow God to change him. Also, I want Terry to leave the state of Georgia and get off that truck he is driving and make his home with me his wife of 23 years. He is a Christian and knows what he is doing is against Gods’ word.

I want Terry to end is thing now and turn and truly repent and work to fix things in our marriage.

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  1. Adultery

    Dear Chanel,

    My name is Tony and I live in England with my wife of 38 years and three sons 35;33;30 years and two grandchildren; 10;8 years.

    I live in a lovely home and earn a normal living wage.

    I am having an affair with a women I worked with. we were both cooks and spent longs hours together cooking and talking about our problems at home. After a while we realised that we had similar problems in our individual circumstances. After long hours at work we started going to the pub, for a drink to relax and talk thru our problems.

    After a while we found comfort in each other and an understanding of each others problems. We never ever set out to have an affair, but after a while we started to hold each others hand in a comforting way of saying I understand your pain.

    Then after a year like this, we began to feel a loving closeness engulfing us with a desire to complete our affection by making love.

    Afterwards we both were happy, but there was regret on both sides, because we felt that we had probably destroyed a very good friendship.

    Thankfully we are still friends, maybe it was something we had to do to make us realise that what we had at home was so precious and special.

    Life is not a bed of roses, yet you my dear like my wife has found the courage and love to forgive.

    I had to confess to my wife, because I started to have sleep ness nights worrying about what I had done.

    Offer him love and ask him to return, so that you can complete your marriage vows, till death us do part.

    All my Love.

    Tony xxx

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