Prayer to restore faith and be on the right path.To have god handle my troubles.

Lord i thank you for what you have given me and i thank you dearly for the family you have blessed me with.I have not always been the best of a person but i do truly believe that you are here for me.

I have looked for signs from you i have asked begged and pleaded for anything to show that you will help me. I’m sorry for doing so because my mind and heart and soul were so troubled by events that i never seen that you were here all along with me!
I pray i stay on the path you have guided me to.I pray that my faith in you grows more and more every day!I pray to leave my troubles with you and in your hands and that you heal my soul with your love.I leave my life to you lord.

Praise you for all the love and mercy you have shown me for you are a loving and blessing god!In jesus name i pray!