Prayer to restore and reconcile my marriage back

by Suzanne (CT)

Why Lord Jesus, I am I broken, I cry out to you today, I can’t hear you, seems like there are delays. I want to listen to your voice. Please heal my brokenness.

I pray for my husband Ricky salvation, please touch his heart today knowing that only you can save our marriage. Fill him with the Holy Spirit to battle his addiction and adultery. Help us reconnect and reconciled. I am lost. I pray for my future husband Ricky that he is someone you planned for me. Please remove my fear for uncertainties. Please help my husband to finally find me. Please have mercies on my situation, allow me to be selfless, learn to love others and fill me with peace that I deserve to be loved too. I want to love again. My Lord, please forgive my sins and protect me from harm and temptation.

Please help me to stay faithful and real. I pray for my husband holy spirit and hope he will be touched and saved by your love and words. Please do not forsake us. Please help us to remember that your love is constant. Please cleanse me and my husband heart, soul, mind and body with your holy blood. Please forgive me. Please take me as I am. Fill me with peace, joy and confidence today. I love you, Lord.

Please reveal to me and please answer my prayers. Please have mercies on me. I love you. I want to serve you. Please open the door and allow me to see your guidance and please let my husband me nice and tender toward me and dont be mean the way he is, please Lord Jesus please let my husband cancel our divorce papers and come back home. Let be nice to me and dont talk down at me.
Lord, and not for myself but other people I pray that you heal the heart of everyone’s that are broken, as well as my own. That you full the world with love and keep us away from temptations.

That you reconcile and reconnect true love. You place love in our hearts for people for a reason. Help us all feel the love we deserve by our loved ones. Not only do we want answered prayers, but we want you in our relationships as well. For those that have you, are stronger. I pray this in your name. Amen

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  1. Faith

    My prayers are still with you
    You are your own person you are valuable
    You can do anything with Jesus as your partner

  2. Faith

    Good morning Suzzane
    My prayers are with you
    Please go to church each Sunday
    It’s true a family that prays together stays
    Together Jesus needs to be part of a Marriage
    You are a good person!!!
    Invite your husband to join you at church
    If not you deserve someone who will
    Go with you to church and commit
    To your relationship and Jesus
    Volunteer on a church ministry you will meet
    Wonderful people

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