Prayer to restore and heal my relationship

I ask the community to pray on my behalf to restore my relationship. When I met my ex she told me that she had been on and off for 8 months with her ex bf. She also told me that she was not in love with him as they were more of friends than a couple.

With that, I felt comfortable being in a relationship with her and we started to spend every weekend together for months and then one day she confessed to me that she had slept with her ex and wanted to let me know so that I could make a choice as to end the relationship or forgive her. She seemed very remorseful and guilty about it and I trusted her for being honest and went ahead and gave her a chance. BTW, her ex had initially tricked her into the relationship without telling her that he actually lived with his son’s mother. In other words, he only spent time with her when he wanted to sleep with her. She told me all of this.

After giving our relationship a second chance and a few months later he popped up and she slept with him again…..this time I lost it and told her things that I now regret and I ask the lord to touch and soften her heart so that she can remember what brought us together in the first place.

Her father is a pastor and obviously comes from a christian background and my drinking was always a concern to her and it made her feel insecure in our relationship and her explanation for going back to her ex whenever we had problems is because she feels safe with him as he can’t hurt her… because she’s not in love with him as she was with me.

He is using and manipulating her and it hurts me so much because I love her so much. I have since quit drinking and attend church regularly but she won’t see me and I am unable to show her the changes I’ve made in my life. Please pray with me so that God can make her realize that I am a good man with intentions of marrying her and starting a family and that he is only using her for her body and for convenience.

We had started speaking about marriage and moving in together when her ex started manipulating her. I also ask for prayer to heal her hurt feelings from what I said to her and for forgiveness with in her heart for I really mean it and want her back in my life so we can spend it together forever.

Thank you.