Prayer to Restore and Heal my Marriage

by Kristine (Philippines)

Dear Lord,

I come to you with so much pain and grief in my heart. I know my husband has lost his love and respect for me. He says he still loves me but he doesnt show it. He has become so selfish and only thinks of himself. He lied to me over and over again. He blames me for everything that is going wrong. He cheated on me.

Please make him understand what marriage is really about. He does not share his problems with me anymore. He would rather be alone than be with me. Lord, You know what is in my heart. You are the only One who understands how I feel and You know how much love I have for my husband.

Please give us a chance Lord and heal our relationship and restore our marriage. Please bring back the love and respect and trust we had for each other. Forgive us for all we have done to hurt You and and each other. Help us find love in each other again. In your name I pray.

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  1. Depart from a Brokenheart.

    Dear, God
    I’m having to deal with the same situation with my husband. We aren’t in a peaceful place right now in our marriage. What upsets me the most is when we don’t communicate on a positive level. When I try to find a happy moment with being with him, he pushes me away or make excuses about not feeling well. Why can’t we ever talk peacefully?; instead of yelling. This Saturday, September 14 is our 1yr anniversary & we aren’t mentally together. God I need you to help me to understand what he wants in this marriage. Please help me to understand where I stand with him, with this marriage. Sincerely, Renea

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