Prayer to restore and heal me and the Man I love.

Oh Father who is in Heaven,

I come to yu this morning asking you to heal the hearts of his and mine. I miss him very much and I want him to know that I never stop being in love with him or loving him.

Oh Father God, I want him back just better than befor. I want him back with him just wanting to love and need me. Not other women also….who by the way only want to be with him for his LOOKS. He is more than that, he has a big heart.
Father God I beg of you to please touch is heart soul and mine.

Father God I do belieave that in my heart he is who I am suppose to be with and I also feel that You feel that we are good for each other. I always say that I dont see myself married with child. Father God with him I see this Happen.
Thank you for your ears Father God Amen.