Prayer to restore a loving relationship

by Nicole (El Paso, Tx)

Dear God, Please hear my prayer. The love of my life has left me. I have made many mistakes. Mistakes that I have asked forgiveness for. I have cried and pleaded with this man to return to me and to our unborn child but he refuses to see how much I love him.

I asked and pleaded with you to give me a sign on what to do and so I will go to him. I will drive the 14 hour trip to see him, to plead with him to come back to his family. PLease God Soften my heart and give me the words I need to make him see. Soften his ears and his heart so that he may listen with his heart and see that the love we have is worthy.

Protect me on this trip as I am 7 months pregnant, give me the strength I need to follow my heart and fight for my family. Dear Lord please hear this prayer. I love you and I trust in you. Amen.