Prayer to Restore a Broken Engagement

by Em (Florida)

Lord please restore our engagement to be married. Our relationship is broken and only You can restore it. I pray every day for him to come back to me and for You to soften his heart as You have softened mine. Please bring him back to me.

I know nothing is impossible for you. We need one chance. Please Lord hear my prayer and the prayers of everyone here who is also in need of a restored relationship. In Jesus’ name Amen.

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  1. i can relate


    I appreciated reading your prayer. I have been looking for a prayer as my engagement has been broken as well. We no longer have a relationship. I am still experiencing it as surreal which takes me out of the mode to move on.

    It’s a rough time and i will keep you in my prayers.

    May God bless.

  2. Hope in our darkened world.

    I thank God for people who choose to walk by faith in the hope He leaves in our hearts that what looks impossible can be made right again. Our “Christian” culture sadly is not immune from not trusting God, in that “He who began a good work in us will be faithful to complete it.”

    My fiancé walked away from me for her own myriad of reasons yet I know they all boil down to fear and distrust. Not just in me, but ultimately in God. So your prayer is encouraging and I pray this comment encourages you and anyone else who reads this to NOT GIVE UP!

    Don’t fall prey to the 30-day-return-policy in relationships that has now infected the Christian church. Don’t give up hope in relationships because it is ONLY God who creates love in our hearts for one another and He uses our relationship to demonstrate His presence to the one we love and they vice versa. When others tell you to move on, politely tell them that God will heal this brokenness if we let Him and put our full and unrelenting obedient faith in Him as He leads us each new day after our “other half” has chosen to give up trying. God rewards the heart who diligently seeks Him. Keep trying. My prayer for my Kelsey is that she will cry out to God to forgive her of her past she carries so she can forgive me and so also that she can believe in The God who honors faith, hope, and especially love. He is watching your heart your future broken spouses heart and most of all he wants to knit them back together. A careful student of the Bible is hard pressed to find God in the business of setting out to destroy anything He creates, especially the special intimate bond of a man and woman which is a picture of Jesus and His church. If Jesus can patiently wait for His church, then I will patiently wait for Kelsey. I encourage you all to do the same and never give up your prayers to be filled each new day with faith hope and love.

    God bless.


    Luke 18:8

  3. Hope

    My fervent hope and prayer is for the restoration of our engagement and subsequent marriage. That my fiance is drawn closer to God daily, and that the incredible love that God has placed in my heart for him will be returned in good measure and overflowing. He proposed and made that vow to me, many times, that he would marry me one day but he is currently in another relationship, living with her, and not speaking to me. He has a hard time letting anyone get close for very long. Has many deep abandonment issues and trust issues with females due to his childhood. Also grew up with no moral compass with regards to his sexuality so attachments are very carnal and superficial. I pray for a deep healing in his soul and the clear knowledge of who he is in Christ (he is a professing believer) and no longer sees himself thru the lens of his addiction, mistakes and past. I earnestly pray for a deep hunger in hos spirit and soul to be obedient to God’s word and that the love he has for me returns. True love never dies. And God’s word says “love never fails”!

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