Prayer to resolve business financial problems

by Fran (USA)

Lord, please guide us to find solutions to our business financial problem.

I know all things are possible with you.
I ask that you point us to the right direction so we may know the correct path to take.

Lord, you know how much time and effort he has put into this venture.
You know that he has only good intentions when he started this business.
Please give him continued faith in you to allow him to keep going and not give up.

Lord, I ask that you continue giving me patience and understanding so that I may keep giving him support.

I pray that in our time of need, you will open your arms to us and keep us together as a family and guide us to solve this problem together.
It is my every Intention to give forward whatever blessings we receive from you.

To you I give all the glory always Lord. Amen.

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