Prayer to Resolve a Large Construction Contract Dispute

by Nik (USA)

Please pray for my family that my husband and I can resolve a large construction dispute with a very large company. They have made is very difficult for us to resolve this issue and to get paid for our completed work.

The job was originally not an issue, but with their overall control over the job the job took a turn for the worse–we have yet to be paid for the work we completed. It has put a huge strain on our marriage, our family relationships, and my husband took work out of town and he has been gone for weeks at a time for over six months.

He works so hard and the people we owe money to, cannot begin to understand the personal toll this issue has taken on me and my children. I take a sleeping pill to sleep and a energy drink to wake up.

I fret over mail and emails that come our way due to this issue and I just pray for the strength to fight this company for what we are owed. It is a huge David and Goliath situation where we are so small compared to this company. They have a room full of lawyers trying to beat us down.

We are owed a significant amount of money and if we could recoup the money we are rightfully owed, we could pay everyone we owe. God please help us. Please see that this is too big. I put my faith in you that this will come to an end soon. It is coming on a year that this all started and I am not sure how much more pain and stress I can take.

I am very worried that my body is going to truly suffer due to the stress and lack of sleep from this situation. Please I ask for your help in resolving this. And thank you for my husbands current work. It has provided us with the financial means to get caught up with house payments and such.

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