Prayer to Request Financial Security & Trust in You

by Child Of God (Naperville)

Dear Lord,

Help especially my husband to feel he can trust in you and you will relieve his stress-filled feelings. I know that we are managing to live comfortably but that we are no longer cushioned by the savings we once had when I worked; I chose the last 10 years to be with our children; help me to make up the difference. Help my husband to feel secure that the investment he made in our business was truly the right thing, even though times are hard right now; even though we are fortunate to be able to manage the debts we have, please give us the strength to earn more to erase those debts so that we can focus or financial attention on saving for college as our children will soon need our support; help us Lord, to once again save for retirement so that we are not a burden on our children and their future families. I pray to you, O Lord, to the Blessed Mother, to St. Joseph and of course to our savior Jesus, and to all of those saints who have interceded with the blessings our lives have now.

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