Prayer to renew my Husband

My dear Almighty God, I want you to help my husband to renew his life, draw him from the wordly activities. Make him always to be contented of what he have. Make him to be true and honest to his family. Make him to become open for his wife.Let the holy spirit will guide him always for his daily works, thought and deeds.Protect him always for his daily life that he will become safety and good health. Remind him if he has doing sins against the law that he knows to accept his sins and forget for his past so he can be move on for his future family.Make him become understanding to his wife. I believe Lord God that by this prayer of mine can help him to realize his sinful life that he can start to renew his wrongdoings so that he can lives peacefully, and happy with his family.

May your blessings Lord, and holy guiding spirits will abide us always. Amen.

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