Prayer to Renew my hope, Lord

by Esmeralda (Western-Cape)

Sweet Lord Jesus

I’m thankful for Your Mercy Lord, I’m thankful for my Life Lord. I’m thankfull for Your love that keeps me strong through every battle that I needs to fight. Sumtyms I’m weak and sumtimes I’m strong, You know it all Lord.

Therefore I’m bowing before You tonight, to renew my hope and trust in this life. Renew my strenght Lord and hold my hand in Yours as we walk this path together Lord as Father and daughter.

I need hope for this battle I’m fighting now Lord, I need courage to move on knowing that You will make a way where there seems to be no way. As all things is possible for You Almighty God. I know I will make it, through You that strenghten me.

You know my friend D whom I fall inlove with Lord, You know my feelings for him did grow deeper and sweeter. You know how much I want to be with him and how much I love him Lord. I miss him so so much Holy Jesus.

Its been months now while I haven’t seen or talked to him, it makes me grow weak inside. I reli do miss him so much, my heart longs for his touch, give me new stronger hope in this Lord, knowing if I’m believing its possible to see him again.

I’m lonely without him Jesus, I realy do want a chance with him Lord. Please let he thinks of me and starts missing me as much as I miss him Lord Jesus, make him realize what we had and can have together in Jesus Name.

Please Almighty God, binds us in love and shower Your blessings upon this friendship. Give me a chance with him Lord. Help us to grow closer to each other as we grow closer to You my God. I love him so much that it hurts, I want him so much Jesus.

I’m sorry as Your love must be enought for me, please forgive me. I hope to talk to him soon if its in Your will for my life. Please restore this friendship Lord and give me one final chance, I love You sweet Jesus.

In Jesus Name

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