Prayer to renew covenant of marriage

by Yolanda (Houston, Tx)

Heavenly Father, I thank you and praise formal you do for me. I am a sinner and ask your forgiveness. I thank you for my husband and daughters. I thank you that you allowed this pain and suffering to happen. How else would I have gotten to know you?

Be merciful God, I ask that you remind my husband that we made a covenant with You on our wedding day. A covenant that cannot be broken til death do us part. Father God, I humbly ask that you take Michelle out of his life. How else can she meet the man you picked out for her so long ago? I ask that you remove all the memories of he and Michelle from his mind. I pray you build a hedge of thorns around him so all wrong influences lose interest, turn bitter as wormwood, and depart. Heavenly Father, I love You I want to serve you. Please show me how. Talk to me. I’m listening. I thank you in advance for granting me all the graces I ask. In Jesus’s ?name I pray. Amen

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