Prayer to renew a severed marriage

by Marie (Oceanside Ca)

My husband, Steven S. (50 years old), MET a woman half his age (she is about 25 to 35 years old) probaly on line. Mid-life crisis. He walked out on me (his wife) and our 22 year long marriage, and his 3 children for this woman on 06/06/11. This other woman is an immigrant and very young,skinny and pretty. I am 50. Please pray he comes back home to his family, and be the father and husband God wants him to be. Steve wants a divorce as soon as possible, God Hates Divorce. He has an addiction with porn, and internet affairs, and is an alcoholic, and depressed after retiring from the USMC after 30 years of service. Heal him from all the lusts of the flesh (adultery and sexual immorality), and bring him back home repentant, forgiving, loving and wanting to being a New Relationship, built and bound with God’s love and blessing.

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