Prayer to Remove the Pain I cannot Bare

by Nikki (Florida)

Dear God I have been treated bad, verbally abuse I can’t bare this pain any more. My fiance have been cheating on me hiding his cell phone in the car. Coming in the house late, Not showing any love to me at all.

I have resign a lease to our home then all hell broke out after that I cant that it ANY MORE. Lord I aSK That you look over me and my 3 sons.

Devil get off my back I will smile, have peace, joy, I want a need job lord please help me. I need to get on with my life cause I can’t keep on living in SIN unmarried.

I thought this man was for me but no that not true Lord I ask you to send me my husband (quickly) In Jesus name AMEN

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  1. Wake up

    Please get rid of that man. He is hurting you so bad. Sounds to me like he’s enjoying it too. You deserve better. What makes you think you deserve the abuse from him. Run with your boys and don’t look back. the boys also deserve better.My prayers are with you.

  2. i hv been hurt a lot by a boyfriend

    Dear God !!!!
    Can you please remove Aluwani in my heart he is been hurt me more than I deserve and get a real husband,caring and give me full respect quickly.

    I pray in Jesus Name Amen!

  3. He cheated on me not once


    I need a prayer have been through pain because of my boyfriend cheating on me not once but as many as can’t count but I keep on forgive him.

    I can’t bare this pain deep down in my heart ,he posted pictures with girlfriend while he is asking forgiveness I don’t know how explain the pain I am in.Please pray for to get rid of him and forget about him.

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