Prayer to Remove Divorce from My Wifes heart and Reconcile me back to her, and my two daughters.

by Rick (Corona. Ca USA)

Oh Gracious and Most High God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, by your power, the power of your name Jesus send your Holy Spirit upon my family right this second, my wife and my two daughters, and myself. Find a place in each of our hearts to dwell, and fill overflowing. In my wife’s heart fill her with the wisdom to recognize that the will of God is for our marriage to continue and that we would be reconciled together again. Give her the wisdom to also recognize ungodly advice and deception, from wherever it comes. Let the lie that says she is ok to divorce me, be exposed for what it is, and who they are. Bring us out of this predicament we are in. Finally, let the Holy Spirit rest on her lawyer and convict him to be honest and not deceive us. Let my wife realize this second that She has the power to tell her attorney what to do and that it is the best interest of our children for us to be reconciled. We ask this in Your Most Holy Name Jesus, Amen.

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