Prayer to Remove Depression & Suicide Thoughts

by Miriam (France)

I have suffered from abuse, sorrow, depression, pain, sickness, used and taken advantage of by people I care for and trust for many years, it ruined my life. I have lost everything. The meaning of living, I became worthless. Depression took over me, I cannot go on with daily activities for many years now.

Each moment and night I have thoughts of suicide because I can’t bear the pain anymore. Lord Jesus, you are a just God, search my honesty and my deeds, do I deserve this? For my life to be rubbed from me, for my happiness be taken away. For someone to destroy me, I am human like them, why do they enjoy to persecute me?

There’s no gain in my death so bring me Justice, for all they think is wickedness towards me and they pay me with evil for my kindness. Please Lord, you know how much pain I am going through, I pled for your mercy upon me. Amen!!

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  1. trust in the Lord with all your heart

    Just keep your faith in God and everything will be okay.

  2. Hold on

    I do hope you are getting help. I feel very much the same as you. Everytime I am alone my head fills with thoughts if suicide. I’m on the brink of losing everything because of a man I got involved with. Long story. Used, abused, betrayed, lied about. Reported me to the police claiming harrassment. Result pending. Lost my job. Feel hopeless most of the time. Have a grandchild and her partner living with me, fearful for her if I Lose my home. Becoming too unwell to work I think. I don’t know what to do except die. Where is the peace the Bible promised? Anyway. I suppose it doesn’t make you feel better knowing others feel the same, but God bless you and bring you peace. I pray his blood over you. Amen.

  3. Living in deep worthlessness

    I am paralyzed with depression and the ability of doing what is needed daily. I pray for a miracle but feel lost and unworthy. I have everything I need but cannot get myself to do what is necessary,

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