Prayer to Remove ALL Addictions from Stephen For Good

by DIANE (Friendswod, Texas, USA)

Please pray for my estranged husband to finally be completely free from all addictions. He knows no other way of life but doing drugs & drinking alcohol. Please pray God removes all urges to get high & drunk from Stephen. Please pray that he gets right in his heart with God and his family. He has been on drugs since he was 16 yrs old and throughout our whole nearly 20 yr marriage. Our daughter, Stephanie has been devastated by him running away from home every 3 months her entire life. Please pray for him to change his ways completely and become the man that we deserve to have in our life. Please pray that he will decide to go into a rehab on his own without being asked. That God will lift him up and out of all of the pain & anguish he is feeling that makes him want to do drugs & drink. I pray that God will heal his heart & mine and bring us back together one last time once he has completed rehab.

Thank you all for your prayer! Just know I am praying for you as well!

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