Prayer to remember God protects and guides us…

by Renee ()

So many times, we lose sight of all the difficult times in our life…when we cried rivers of tears, not being sure how a problem would resolve itself. Looking back, we realize that God had everything under control…He worked His love and magic on his own time…and everything worked out.

Why do we forget those things, and treat new problems with desperation and fear. Lord, help us to remember all that you’ve done for us in the past, how our present is FULL of blessings, and give us the confidence that all good things come from You. Today may be fearful to us, but every moment is being guided by you. You’ve shown us through our past experiences, You hold us in Your arms with our current problems, and we ask that You whisper to us that today and tomorrow are under your watchful eye…as we are! “If God is for you, who can be against you?!” Thank you, God, for loving us!

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