Prayer to remain hopeful

by A Child Of A King (New Zealand)

Dearest heavenly father,

I come to you for your help in this time of need. I feel so distant,often looking for something I’m not so sure of, I find myself wasting away doing nothing, purposeless and lost I yearn for inspiration, for motivation and I ask that you may guide me in the right track and give me reason. is University the right thing for me? lord give me a sign, I need your opinion, I need you.

I know that i’m not perfect,and i have sinned more than anyone would know i have made more mistakes and continue to do so, i worry about my family and am still finding it hard to let go of those who are in your presence, please bless my family and friends, watch out for them father,and thank you. for everything that I have, for everything that i am, and for everything that i am yet to be. amen

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