prayer to relocate to cheaper place to live

by Julie Karlson (Largo Florida)

Please pray for us were a four person family. There is my two kids,my elderly mom,and me. My ex husband is M.I.A. wanted for domestic violence,drug charges,and a huge amount of back child support.

We live in a trailer,no screens,no air,mosquitos bite my kids at night all the time,and we have a huge leak that if we don’t turn off the water from the outside it would cause the ground our trailer is on to wash away.

I ‘ve looked all over my area for a job no-one ever calls me back. I need a job desperately trying to get some help and there isn’t anything anyone can do. Please pray I can get hired somewhere. OUR lot.

Rent goes up in August and there’s no way I can afford it and fix the place up and keep the electric on please please prAy for us to find a cheaper place to live and me a job I am good at cooking,prep cooking,assistance with the elderly,and caring for animals.
Just need desperately a prayer to have a employer,and a landlord to give me a chance please

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