Prayer to Relieve My Son from a Bad Friendship

by Chachiamma (Dubai)


Mother Mary my greatest comforter in my troubles I humbly come to you with broken heart ,relive my son Thomas from his bad companions. He is in a company of smokers & drunkards. Please pray for him to obey his parents & elders & also to relieve him from bad habits. Let him be a witness to Mother Mary.

Please pray for him to get a good job in Dubai to stay with his parents. Nothing is impossible. I always think of the Lost son who came back to his father. Hope my son will also be saved from the bad friendship .Also to pray for the sick and the needy .Pray for our family also.
Whole night I am awake thinking of my son, who was born as a premature baby. I have great faith in God who beats me , but he hold my hand & pull me up from all troubles & pains. I know God tests those who loved more. Like Job I am accepting all punishments from God. Please pray my family for all the pains weare bearing
Praise the Lord