Prayer To Relieve my Husbands Burden

by Lisa (Key West)

My husband survived a brutal attack while at work last yr. and ever since then our financial and work situations have declined dramatically. We are fighting with insurance companies and lawyers when all my husband wants to do is go back to work! People we have been friends with for over 20 yrs. are turning their backs on us.

People who can hire my husband, we aren’t asking for hand outs….We just want the opportunity to be given a chance to show that a limp doesn’t mean you’re crippled! My husband works circles around guys that are half his age and have 2 good ankles! Our 6 yr old little girl has not escaped this stress as much as we have shielded her from most of it, she is smart & can see what’s right in front of her. We have to move because we cannot afford to live in the home we have been in for over 5 yrs.

I ask that you pray for my husband and that the Lord will keep us in His Light , protect us from Evil & adversity, from cowards who are liars who are actively working against my husband and that the opportunity be given to my husband so that he can just go back to working and providing for his family.

We are survivors because of our Faith and need the love of Lord and Healing that comes with Faith in Jesus Christ Our Savior to help us in our time of desperation & need. Please pray for us in the Name of Our Heavenly Father.