Prayer to relieve depression

by Carla (30021)

Lord ask you to help me to help me deal with my kids to help me stop having thougth of taking our life my life have been a struggle i was adopt and aslo grew up in the street no one every told me me how hard life would be when i have kids alone with no husband.

No one every told me to go to work no one every told me anything all my life i have been depress since i have got older it get worse i don’t no what’s wrong i have no one to talk and not enough money to go see someone for help.

This is way too stressful for me and i don’t want to this dirty nasty world with out me here to protect them lord help me to get threw these thought and this depression time in my life and i need your help.

I need angels around me at all times with there hands on me lord i call out for your help us in the name of the lord help help me and my boys.

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