Prayer to release bitterness

by Devon (Houston, Tx, US)

I lost my mother at a young age with no father around. Passed from family member to family member, I always felt slighted and that I deserved more, entitled in a sense.

I am angry for the person who harmed my mother. I am angry toward everyone who has shorted me, hurt my feelings, or wronged me in anyway. Now years & years later, its all coming to head. My husband states its tearing our marriage apart, my anger & bitterness toward those people and even him for our marital issues & his infidelity.

I prayed and talked to God about it all, asked for forgiveness and forgave everyone. I am content with where I am now. I need continued prayer to change my heart, which will change everything else.

I want to be a happy person and have a joy filled life full of love, fun, & friendship.

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  1. Prayer for a Loving Heart

    Hi Devon,

    I’ll pray for you, that your heart will be filled with love rather than bitterness.

    I’ve struggled with the same problem. It isn’t easy to choose love in a world that can feel so broken, scary and painful. It isn’t easy to forgive those who’ve hurt you, it’s scary to feel that vulnerable.

    But, choosing to hold onto anger doesn’t feel healthy either. I’ve heard it described as pointing a curved blade at someone else which is actually stabbing you or as taking poison yourself but expecting someone else to get sick. Those examples are a bit extreme (I doubt you want to harm anyone else) but they can highlight the destructiveness of holding anger.

    Of course, we know deep inside it is better to forgive & love, but sometimes it can feel so difficult! Luckily, it is possible through prayer & intention and I’m very happy to help by praying for you!!! Sometimes service work also helps me, especially if it is service related to the injury I suffered (e.g. you could work with orphaned/neglected children, maybe that’d help heal the child within you that was so hurt).

    Whatever you choose to do, I hope your heart opens and heals. May God bless you with his love and peace, may you share that love with others, and may you also feel love for yourself. May you be a happy person and have the joy filled life full of love, fun, & friendship that you desire!

  2. Praying for you

    I am asking the Lord right mow that he touches your mind body and spirit. I ask the he heal you of any negative emotions that may try to steal your joy. I am asking the lord to break any strongholds that the enemy may have upon you and your family. The Lord said he would not leave us or forsake us. His word says whatever we ask for in his name and believe it will happen it will happen. In the mighty name of Jesus. I pray


    May peace and happiness follow you the rest of your days

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