Prayer to Rekindle Our Relationship from an Engagement break up

by Rehema (Uk)

My fianc broke up with me reasons are not certain. We couldn’t see each other much because his dad has severe arthritis. He’s the only child and his parents have not left him to be independent. I only met them after he proposed because I was afraid before but they were angry that he et my entire family but I hadn’t met his.

I come from a single parent household and this is one of the reasons he was told I’m not the right wife to be. Also because I come from a different background ( African) and he’s Caribbean.
Please help me and say prayers for me and him. That we can work through this set back. I love him and always want to say supportive. Since we broke up he said he wouldn’t get back with me and wAnts the engagement ring back. He hasn’t been himself dice his decision to break up and has told his friends he can’t get over me.

He failed his exams and this makes me sad because I’m not their to support him.