Prayer to rekindle our relationship and conquer obstacles

by Maddie (Indiana)

On July 20th he left me.. He was leaving for college and was scared of trying long distance. He didn’t want to choose between college or me but he didn’t want to leave me. Now that he’s gone I feel lost and helpless. I don’t understand. I may have pushed him away but I was scared to let him in because of previous guys.

I want to let him in now. I want a chance at us again so he can actually see the real me. I care about him more then I ever thought a person could. I still love him even though he said and did mean things when he left me.

Please Lord, I believe we belong together. I love him more then anything and I want to be there for him. I was to encourage him and care for him. I just need one more chance to show I’m worth it and that i will help him grow as a person not hold him down. I could of seen myself marrying him someday and that’s the first time i have every felt this for a guy. He’s my other half.

Please help me pray to the Lord for guidance and help touching his heart again so he will give me a 2nd chance. I pray to God every night and he has given me the feeling that we will rekindle our relationship in time.

Thank you anyone who is willing to pray for my broken relationship. God bless you all.

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