Prayer to rekindle our love.

by Margaret Ann (Ireland)

Dear Lord,

Please help martin and I get back the love we had. He is in a place I do not understand and become a man I do not know. He is unsure what he wants and it breaks my heart that he does not seem to care for me like he once did.

I thank you Lord for the times that we did have when we were happy. I pray that you can rekindle that Love between us.
Help Martin to realise what he wants, if he is not meant to be with me Lord please help me to be strong to get through the break up. If he is, Please help us to get over this terrible time.

We are both young with so much to do and gain from life. please take away this burden and help us to love again like we once did. I do love him God, I did want to begin my life with him, i thought that now was my time. I am trying to be patient and understanding and change all my wrong doings. Please help him to be happy again.

We prayed together to you and I hoped we would stay together, I know that you have a plan for everyone I pray you help us both to get through this painful confusing time.

Please Lord please take away the pain and the hurt and confusion and replace it with the Love and Joy and Hope that was there when you brought us together.

In your name I will Trust. Please Help Us.