Prayer to Rekindle a wonderful marriage

by Jamie (N. Adams, Massachusetts)

God, please help me. I’m broken and falling apart for a long heartbreaking seven months. My husband who says he loves me does not show it. His actions and words are cold and distant.

I thank you for listening to my prayers and giving me the most perfect husband in my eyes four years ago.

We are in critical condition. Please open his heart and reunite us. For he has chosen his family over me. Please dear lord, bring us back together and have the marriage we vowed in front of you. Let us live that catholic marriage full of love and happiness once again.

Open the hearts from the family who hates me so much and let them see how much I love him and is wrong for hating me for illnesses and things I can not control.

God, I love you and need you more than ever. Help me restore this marriage.