Prayer to rekindle a relationshipPr

by Eunice Lim (Malaysia)

It’s been almost four months when he say want to end our relationship.He is a catholic and I’m non-catholic.We are different race and from different family background.Deep down in my heart i want to become a catholic,a christian if we ever get married.

My family not really agree on our relationship.Unfortunately i let my fear and anxiety tears us apart.I’m wrong and sinful in many way I acted towards him.There must be a reason God let me met him.He like a gift from God to me.The moment i spent time with him and his family is the happiest time in my life.I was too blind and blur to realise how truly bless I am during that four years when i was with him.As a non-catholic i know is a Jesus call after he left me.
Every breath I breath in and out is painful after he asked to stop our relationship but i can’t even get mad with him and i forgive him.I love him so much,so deep,so hard like this only would happen once in a lifetime.
The must be a connection between God,him and me and I’m thankful to God through Jesus sent guardian angels and human angels to keep me safe during this hard time.Thanks God make me realise values of life to become a better person that have faith and hope.I will continue to pray and i need someone out there to help me pray to the Lord to reunite me with him.I will be forever grateful.Thanks alot and may God bless anyone that willing to help me pray to the Lord to heal my relationship with him.Thank you heavenly father.I love you.Amen.

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