prayer to rekindle a marriage

by Rizzy ()

good day to all. i have been married to my husband rey for more than 2 years. before we were married we were together for 7 years. We have a baby boy who is a year and 10 mos old. he left for saudi arabia to find greener pasture when eonn was still 3 mos old. until now he has not come home yet. i noticed a change of attitude 4 mos ago and until now we fight a lot.

He has changed totally and i think another woman is behind the reason. the situation is so painful and it broke me apart. so painful because we have a baby. i want to have my husband back. if possible i want him to come home as soon as possible because we will be celebrating eonn’s bday on march 4. pls pls help me pray. thank you so much!