Prayer to Regain a Lost Friendship

by Mrd (IL)

Dear Lord,

I am a sinful being and I confess this. I confess every sin, every wrong thing. I am prepared to change but please help me. Bring friendships that I destroyed, back. Especially a friendship that I destroyed a couple of days ago. I confess, I did a bad thing and I am so sorry.

My friend D was so close to me and I ruined everything. My friend D is going through a lot in his life. D is stressed out and he always says he needs some peace..
You have the power to heal our friendship. Help me my God. Help me Jesus, help me everyone. I am lost without him.

My friend D suddenly sent a harsh text message to stop communicating and unfriended me from facebook.
Lord, my God, you can move mountains, move his heart. Through suffering we are strong, but you want us to be happy with other people too. And I repeat, help me Father, my God and your Son Jesus.

You are the Most High, there is no one like you. Use your power of love to heal our friendship. God, my Lord, bring him back to me. Thank you ! Amen!

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