Prayer to refinance or sell our house and purchase a certain 5th-wheel trailer

by Debs (Spokane WA U.S.A.)

St. Joseph, I beg you to intercede for us in prayer to our Lord, Jesus. We have fallen far behind on our mortgage payments. We have spent many hours trying to obtain modification of our 1st & 2nd mortgages, to no avail. As we make our last attempt to save our home from foreclosure or short-sale, we have applied for an entirely new mortgage to refinance.

Should our home sell (quickly – 2 or 3 weeks), we desire to purchase a particular 5th-wheel trailer as our residence. Should we instead obtain a new mortgage with affordable payments, we hope to borrow an amount over and above the existing mortgage so that we may purchase the particular trailer anyway so that we may enjoy our remaining days of this life by visiting our family in the four corners of this country and find respite in the places we treasure most.

It will serve as our home away from home and as a blessed reassurance that, come what may, we will always have a clean, dry, comfortable roof over our heads.
Thank you for your prayers and intercession for our cause and our need, St. Joseph. Amen

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