Prayer to recover from depression after a death

I lost my beloved Dad few days ago and right from that time, I am just living like a dead. I am unable to anything and always, every second I am missing my sweet daddy.

He was only 54 and as per my knowledge there was no such health problem on him. One day, as usual after taking dinner he went to bed. But after few hours he started saying to have some pain on his chest and abdomen. Later when doctor came, he asked me to admit him at hospital as he has got fatal heart attack. After 2 days he passed away.

I cannot believe this situation, can’t accept that he is no more with us. May be I will commit suicide, but restrict myself just because of my Mom. How she will live, if I do something silly.

So, now my condition is getting bad and bad everyday. He was too much excited about my marriage and planning for it after 5-6 months. We were so happy. But, this sudden accident has ruined all my happiness forever. I know that I cannot continue like this without my Father. So, it is my kind prayer to my lord, my everthing Jesus to do some miracle and return him back again in our lives.

It was too early for him to go away like this, please almighty lord Jesus, hear my pray and do your miracle so that we can again see my sweet daddy.

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