Prayer to Reconnect our hearts

Lord , all helping angels of mine and Vartans help us reconnect our hearts minds and souls together again. I am losing him, he is thinking of someone else and said that loves someone else. Our relationship of 3 years is going down the drain for someone who he knows for 5 months now.

I am praying to you Lord, my love is way to strong for this man, please help me and him to save our relationship, we need one another and he knows it. He is just being stubburn and his ego is playing a trick, because that girl is rejecting him because we both just found out that he was seeing me and her at the same time.

Please easy his stubburnnes, his ego and help him understand that we need to reconcile our relationship out of its broken pieces. I am ready to put all my energy and work on this relationship because he is very dear to me. Please help him understand and fight for our relationshiop together

With love